Guardian – Male Urine Guard

The Guardian, Male Urine Guard is now available at Walgreens. Finally a pad truly designed for the male anatomy is available in a retail location near you!

Guardian Male Urine Guard

Guardian Male Urine Guard

Guardian for urinary incontinence in men available at Walgreens

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‘Innovative Technology’ Awarded to the J Clamp

We are looking forward to Novation’s Innovative Technology Expo on Oct. 3 in Irving, Texas!

Whenever possible, Novation seeks to add products that advance the benefit to patient care, patient safety or health care worker safety to its portfolio as they become available for use in the United States. We are extremely honored and proud that Novation has recognized the J Clamp as an innovative solution for dealing with urinary incontinence in men. We are also excited to be able to offer the J Clamp to some of the finest Urology and Cancer Treatment Clinics throughout the United States.

J Clamp awarded by Novation

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American Urological Association Conference & Expo 2012

We are excited to be exhibiting at the AUA Meeting this year. You can find us at booth #3730, May 19 – 23. Please stop by to see the J Clamp and Male Urine Guard and learn how they are changing men’s lives all over the world!

Visit the website


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(CAUTI) Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infection

The most frequent type of health care-acquired infection (HAI), is Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections. CAUTI represents about 80% of healthcare infections in hospitals. This is a huge problem that can be helped by new products that are available such as the Male Urine Guard.

Just released from Joint Commission hours ago!

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Male Urine Guard Brand Names

Jackson Medical Products and Quest Products have teamed up to reach the retail market in the United States. If you have searched for the Male Urine Guard lately you have probably noticed it’s availability under both brand names. I want to assure our readers that no matter which brand name you choose you are getting exactly the same product, an absorbent product customized just for men. Look for the Guardian Male Urine Guard at a Walgreens near you.



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The Male Urine Guard is finally here!

You can now purchase the Male Urine Guard from Reach Medical and UroAnswers. The Male Urine Guard is a brand new product unlike anything else available to manage light incontinence. Visit Jackson Medical Products to find out more.

To purchase the Male Urine Guard visit one of our distributors below:

Reach Medical


Vitality Medical


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JMP Products Available to HPG Members

JMP products are now available to Healthtrust Purchasing Group members through InterMed Resources contract #3894. Our products will now be available to many hospitals throughout the country. I wanted to take a moment and give an excited WELCOME to HPG members. Please visit our website for more information on our incontinence products for men.

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The Male Urine Guard

I am excited to announce that Jackson Medical Products is currently manfacturing a new product called the Male Urine Guard. This product will be available to all late summer.

In summary, this new product will be a small cap that fits over the head of the penis and will absorb up to 2 ounces of fluid. I want to make clear that this product will be for ‘light to moderate leakage’ and it will also be a great product to wear at bedtime. Unlike penile clamps, if you achieve an errection during the night it will not hurt. The Male Urine Guard has an elastic band that will adjust to the size of your penis.

Male Urine Guard Features:

  • Can be worn 24 hours a day
  • Holds up to 2 ounces of fluid
  • Made with adjustable elastic to conform to your penis size
  • Fits a penis up to 6 inches in circumference
  • Outside is made from a liquid proof plastic
  • Inside is filled with absorbent
  • Case study done by the VA Nursing Home

Male Incontinence Product

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Free Prostate Cancer Testing!

Through research, I have been able to find some place that are offering Free Prostate Testing.  This is a great opportunity for those not being tested because of the cost.  If you know any one that should be tested please, encourage them to do so.  I was able to find some by states.  Unfortunately, I was not able to find every state.  If you are aware of any free prostate screening, please comment on the blog.  I will add them to the list for free testing.  I have them listed by state and my not be in every area.



Illinois:  http://

Idaho- http://

NewYork- http://

North Carolina- http://

Utah- http://





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September is Prostate Cancer Awarness Month

Did you Know?

  • National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month is September this was established in 2009, to increase awareness, and early detection.
  • Prostate Cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths.
  • Prostate Cancer is the most common diagnosed cancer.
  • Prostate Cancer usually has no warning signs.
  • Early detection is key to treating Prostate Cancer.


American Cancer Society Recommendation for Early Detection

  • Average Risk men should discuss screening at age 50.
  • Men with High Risk factors should discuss screening at age 45.  This includes African American Men, family history of father, brother or son diagnosed with prostate cancer younger than 65.
  • Men with several first degree relatives, (such as father, brother, son) that have prostate cancer.  If so your screening should be discussed at age 40.

Two types of test are used to detect prostate cancer early.  There is a blood test which test (PSA) Prostate Specific Antigne.  The other test is (DRE) digital rectal exam.  If you have not had a prostate screen, and your at that age or risk factor you should consider talking with your doctor about testing.  Early detection could save your life remember there are usually no signs until the tumor is present.

American Cancer Society has a great link with details on the information aboveEarly Detection link

Prevention link:

American Cancer Society 2010 Estimates for Prostate Cancer for the U.S.

  • 217,000 new cases of Prostate Cancer will be diagnosed
  • About 32,050 men will die from Prostate Cancer
  • About 1 man in 6 will be diagnosed with Prostate Cancer
  • More than 2 million men are alive today that have been diagnosed
  • 2nd leading death in AfricanAmerican Men (besides lung cancer)
  • About 1 man in 36 will die from Prostate Cancer
  • 11% of Cancer related deaths in men is from Prostate Cancer

 Please help spread awareness, and encourage love ones and friends about early testing! Hopefully, we can try to change this statistics by spreading the word!         


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